New Baby in the house!!

Of course you’d expect to see a picture here, or on Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever, but we don’t roll like that.

New baby girl arrived 9/30 at 9:30am.  September 28th was apparently a ‘supermoon’, and we’ve been having ‘blood moon’, and the pope was visiting and the president of China was visiting, and…

Seems like an interesting confluence, or near confluence.  I especially like the 9/30, 09:30 thing.  That will make it easier to remember.

Having newborns around means a couple of things.  First and foremost, not a lot of sleep, although this one seems to sleep at least a couple hours here and there.  Seems like we’re constantly up from 10pm to 4 am, although it’s probably not true.  The second thing it means is that a lot of fairly shoddy code gets written.  During those wee hours, between feedings, changes, and general soothing walks around the house, one or the other of the laptops is actually on my lap, and I’m slinging out code.  It’s funny though.  Something that might take 2 hours to figure out during these late night sessions can take a mere minute to realize in the bright light of regular day hours.  Nonetheless, I’m heeding the call of our President and making it possible for everyone to write code!

And so it goes.  A new reason to write inspired code.  There’s someone new to reap the benefits of my labors.


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