Goodbye to colleagues

July 17 2014, some have called it Black Thursday at Microsoft.

I’ve been with the company for more than 15 years now, and I was NOT given the pink slip this time around.

Over those years, I have worked with tons of people, helped develop some careers, shipped lots of software, and generally had a good time.  Some of my colleagues were let go.  I actually feel fairly sad about it.  This is actually the second time I’ve known of colleagues being let go.  These are not people who are low performers.  In fact, last time around, the colleague found another job instantly within the company.

I remember back in the day Apple Computer would go through these fire/hire binges.  They’d let go a bunch of people, due to some change in direction or market, and then within 6 months end up hiring back just as many because they’d figured out something new which required those skilled workers.

In this case, it feels a bit different.  New head guy, new directions, new leadership, etc.

I’ve done some soul searching over this latest cull.  It’s getting lonely in My old Microsoft.  When you’ve been there as long as I have, the number of people you started with becomes very thin.  So, what’s my motivation?

It’s always the same I think.  I joined the company originally to work on the birth of XML.  I’ve done various other interesting things since then, and they all have the same pattern.  Some impossible task, some new business, some new technical challenge.

This is just the beginning of the layoffs, and I don’t know if I’ll make the next cull, but until then, I’ll be cranking code, doing the impossible, lamenting the departure of some very good engineering friends.  Mega corp is gonna do what mega corp’s gonna do.  I’m and engineer, and I’m gonna do some more engineering.


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