Jobs at Microsoft – Working on iOS and Android

Catchy title isn’t it.  Microsoft, where I am employed, is actually doing a fair bit of iOS and Android work.  In days of yore, “cross platform” used to mean “works on multiple forms of Windows”.  These days, it actually means things like iOS, Android, Linux, and multiple forms of Windows.

I am currently working in the Windows Azure Group.  More specifically, I am working in the area of identity, which covers all sorts of things from Active Directory to single sign on for Office 365.  My own project, the Application Gateway, has been quite an experience in programming with node.js, Android OS, iOS, embedded devices, large world scale servers, and all manner of legal wranglings to ship Open Source for our product.

Recently, my colleague Rich Randall came by and said “I want to create a group of excellence centered around iOS and Android development, can you help me?”.  Of course I said “sure, why not”, so here is this post.

Rich is working on making it easier for devices (non-windows specific) to participate in our “identity ecosystem”.  What does that mean?  Well, the job descriptions are here:

iOS Developer – Develop apps and bits of code to make it relatively easy to leverage the identity infrastructure presented by Microsoft.

Android Developer – Develop apps and bits of code to make it relative easy to leverage the identity infrastructure presented by Microsoft.

I’m being unfair, these job descriptions were well crafted and more precisely convey the actual needs.  But, what’s more interesting to me is to give a should out to Rich, and some support for his recruiting efforts.

As Microsoft is “in transition”, it’s worth pointing out that although we may be considered old and stodgy by today’s internet standards, we are still a hotbed of creativity, and actually a great place to work.  Rich is not alone in putting together teams of programmers who have non-traditional Microsoft skillsets.  Like I said, there are plenty that now understand that as a “services and devices” company, we can’t just blindly push the party line and platform components.  We have to meet the market where it is, and that is in the mobile space, with these two other operating systems.

So, if you’re interesting in leveraging your iOS and Android skills, delivering code that is open source, being able to do full stack development, working with a great set of people, please feel free to check out those job listings, or send mail to Rich Randall directly.  I’d check out the listings, then send to Rich.

Yes, this has been a shameless jobs plug.  I do work for the company, and am very interested in getting more interesting people in the door to work with.



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