Signs of our times

Well, how can I not say something about PRISM?

Way back in the day, at the dawn of personal computers, there was always this dance between copy protecting software, and cracking copy protected software.  Sometimes the people who provided the copy protection techniques also supplied the cracking techniques as well.

XBOX One just announced over the past month, and surprise surprise, there’s a huge ‘copy protection’ component.  ‘Always On’.  Of course, it’s reasonable to expect that if you spend millions and billions developing a platform and attendant ecosystem, you want to protect the same, to retain value as long as possible.  So, there you go.  

Then along comes the whole PRISM thing, whatever that is.  As this story has unfolded over the past week, I keep getting flashes of yin/yang, or snakes eating their tails.  PRISM seems like a perfect yang to the yin of WikiLeaks.

And then there are drones, webcams, spycams, insect cams, cell phone cams, street view cams, department store dressing room cams, and other cams.  There are cameras everywhere, and they’re not all owned by “big brother”.  AR Drones for about $300 give citizens the power to serveil their surroundings.  Of course the military has greater capabilities, but there you have it.

We live in very interesting times, with plenty of issues to contemplate.  I personally don’t believe the world will go the route of “big brother” as technology is so pervasive that we all have the ability to monitor each other.  We’ll see how it all evolves.



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