Final Approach – Residential Gateway cleanup

From my last outing, I was figuring out how to optimize my residential internet equipment. From my little experiments, I had determined that my Vonage box was wrongly placed in the chain of things. Since it has been moved out to just being another device, rather than a bottleneck, things are humming right along.

One of the other findings from my tests was that my AC adapter ethernet was really not that fast. From my gigabit ethernet connection, on my desktop machine, I really wasn’t getting anywhere close to my money’s worth. I recently changed this situation somewhat.

First, I put my HP C6380 printer on wireless, instead of having it attached to the PC. That’s a good thing as all devices in the house can now print, without having having the PC turned on. Of course, the printer is old enough that not all devices have the appropriate drivers to make the thing go. Next up was the desktop machine itself. Ideally, I’d plug it directly into a gig port on the switch, which is just on the other side of my office wall, so close I can smell it, but alas, I can not punch holes in the wall, so I have to settle for alternatives.

For the moment, I’ve stuck a fairly inexpensive wifi usb dongle into the machine, this one from Adafruit: OurLink

This is one of those micro dongles that’s really only meant for microcontrollers, laptops, and the like, but I figured it would be worth a try on the desktop machine so I could compare to what I was getting out of the AC Adapter ethernet connection.  So, what did I get with Speedtest?

2ms (ping)   37.35Mbps (download)   32.25Mbps (upload)

So, that’s better than what I was seeing going through the AC Powerline ethernet adapter, but a far cry from what this machine is capable of doing. But, the experiment was worth it. So, I’ve disconnected the machine from the small router in the office.

The only two pieces of equipment remaining tethered are my Buffalo disk storage device, and my Raspberry Pi. The Odroid-X is already wireless. I’d like to get the Raspberry Pi speaking wireless, but thus far, having it deal with a Wifi Dongle, as well as a wireless keyboard/mouse, hasn’t worked out too well. Perhaps a recent board will do better at the task. Until then, I’ll just keep it tethered.

Lessons learned from this little venturing, there are a lot more wires that can be eliminated from my work environment. HDMI has taken care of the VGA/Audio cable. Same for my TV. WiFi has taken care of my ethernet cables. Wireless keyboard and mouse are taking care of those pesky mouse/keyboard cables. It’s getting downright uncluttered around my desk these days.

Well, that’s a good way to reflect back upon a year. Removing wires, becoming that much more tidy and efficient.

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