Banate Core Windows Routines

Following on the slenderizing process, I’ve created a new git repository for core windows routines.

BanateCoreWin32, is the barest most minimal amount of code required to interop with Windows, to get a window up on the screen, and do some bare metal graphics.  It includes various amounts of:

user32, gdi32, kernel32, opengl, avicaps32

A very large part of interacting with things on Windows has to do with interop through COM.  Well, that’s a whole other beast in and of itself.  I could use LuaCom, but that code seems a bit out of date.  What I really want access to is the USB port, to get at things like Kinect and web cameras.  Ideally, I’ll just read the USB port directly, totally avoiding things like DirectShow and the myriad other layers of left behind APIs that are in Windows.  But, this will take some time.

In the meanwhile, if what you want to do is put a window up on the screen using LuaJit code from the beginning, then this library will help you do it.

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