Tech Preview 2012

I’ve always wanted to make a predictions list.  So, here it is for 2012, from the obvious to the fringe…

Good quality FDM printers will hit a commodity price of $400

3D Design software will go through a renaissance, resulting in an explosion of new designs from the common man.  As yet unheard of 3D design software will emerge as a new paradigm.

3D object scanners will break out of the DIY realm, and become as common as flatbed scanners ($300).

Electronics will continue to shrink, and become more powerful.  Rather than this power being concentrated in a few data centers, it will become ubiquitous.  “The network is the computer”.

Designer DNA will allow us to create virus/bacteria to suit our needs.

Protein folding at home will become child’s play, to children.

“Computicles” will emerge as the new meme to describe particles of computation.

A good time will be had by all!

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