Native Platonics

The Iron Man 2 movie didn’t quite have the same magic appeal that Iron Man I did, but as sequels are concerned, it still had good entertainment value.  There are a couple of scenes in particular that I liked, with respect to doing something in the real world.

The first scene is after Rodey delivers the Iron Man suite to the Air Force.  Then they have Hammer show them a lot of weapons and end up saying “put all of it in there”.  For me, FabuCAD is kind of like that.

Over the past year, I’ve developed everything from Cubic Surfaces to Platonic solids, to quadrics, and quite a few other things in between, as core drawing primitives.  FabuCAD incorporates all those weapons into its core.  So, for those times when you need the standard CSG objects, like cylinder, cube, sphere, yep, they’re all in there.  And then, when you simply can’t remember how to create a torus on your own, it’s right there.  And of course the ever popular platonics, no 3D package would be complete without those.

No teapot as yet though.

The other scene in the movie that I find to be very interesting, is when he’s visualizing, with some sort of holographic display in his workshop.  He’s talking to the computer, using hand gestures, moving around, and things just happen!  That’s a great user interface.


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