What a CAD

Diamond’s are anyone’s best friend…

The funny thing about dreaming is sometimes dreams do come true.

I saw this diamond thing on Thingiverse.  My thought was, ‘wow, at 13Mb, that’s quite a nice torture test for a viewer, as well as for a printer’.  So, I thought it would make a perfect test case for my .stl file importer.

And there it is.  It takes a bit of time to render initially, but after that, I can rotate it around with no problems.  It does go rather slowly though, but I am drawing it, and meshes in general, in the most basic of ways, without one iota of optimization.  So, things can only get better eh?

Another thing happens when you’ve been programming too long.  You start to think interesting thoughts in a Calvin and Hobbs sort of way.  One of the thoughts that I had was; “Why can’t I specify colors using something like Crayola Crayon colors?”.

Well, there it is…  Now, ideally, a CAD program would have the facilities to support multiple different types of color models and schemes and whatnot.  There’s Pantone of course, and Sharpie, and Crayola, and myriad others.  Of course there’s licensing to be done to get such a thing, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could do it.

And another thing…  That one year anniversary is rapidly approaching.


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