Dreaming in 3D

What’s this then?  Is that a screen moch up or what?

It was roughly Thanksgiving of last year when I uploaded my first designs to Thingiverse.  Actually it was slightly before that I think.  At any rate, I’ve now spent a year doing design, almost exclusively with OpenScad.  I’ve talked numerous times with people about the greatness and constraints of that particular system.  At one point, my daughter said to me; “Why don’t you just build your own?”

Knowing what I know now, these are the features I’d like to have in my text based CAD program:

  • Ability to read and write multiple file formats (particularly AMF)
  • Using materials and textures during rendering
  • Have built-ins for things like curves and varying swept surfaces
  • Have the full expressive power of a modern scripting language
  • Be embeddable in printing devices
  • Have the ability to easily extend the basic framework of the program
  • Have some advanced features, such as those found in MeshLab, etc
  • Have user definable color schemes

These are just a few of my most favorite things.  Additionally, I’d like to be able to have the thing connect to a number of printers, so that “Print”, just works.

And lest I forget, the most important “feature” of all, my mother has to be able to use it!  What?  She’s not a programmer, nor a designer!!  How the heck is that possible?  Well, it is a dream after all.

Who knows.  Anniversaries are times when magical things happen…

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