Brick and Mortar

Good News!!

At least the start of a new adventure…  I am creating a new brick and mortar shop in Bellevue Washington!  The general idea of the shop is to be a ‘destination retail’ outlet.  That is, rather than be driven by foot traffic in a downtown mall, it is a place you will want to go to specifically.

Why?  The general idea is that as a geek, I’m always on the hunt for that perfect blend of electronics, books, consumables, and whatnot, all available at my finger tips, on demand.  I myself wanted a great place to find all the things I like playing with under one roof.  Not having it readily available in my neighborhood, I’ve decided to create it.

What?  The primary focus of the shop is all things personal fabrication.  As such, I will be carrying bits an pieces to make machines (motors, servos, steel rods, ball bearings, screws, etc), as well as all the consumables that are used once you have a machine, like plastic of course.  In addition to the basics for machine creation, I will actually be carrying some pre-made kits and polished products such as the Up! printer (in time), and all the bits and pieces for creating Prusa Mendels and the like.

When?  The shop has just been leased last week, and a bunch of junk has been moved in.  It will take about a month before it is in retail shop shape, including internet access, and the innevitable coffee machine.  It will also take that long to get some basic inventory into the place, and of course web site presence.

How?  You will be able to make purchases online, like most retailers have on offer these days.  Those purchases will either be deliverable through UPS etc, or you’ll be able to come down to the shop and pick things up directly.  As it’s a small venture to start, we will not have traditional 9-5 hours, but we’ll definitely be open evenings and weekends!

What Else?  As it is a space, we will hold regular seminars related to personal fabrication and 3D printing.  That’s a bit of an educational component just to keep people up on the latest and greatest changes that are rapidly rolling out.  For example, has anyone seen and played with an Ultimaker?  Want to compare that to an Up! printer, with 3 different sources of plastic filament?  Come on down and check it out.

Summary:  A new brick and mortar shop specifically for the personal fabrication crowd in the Seattle area.  Opening by Thanksgiving.  Plenty of all the things that geeks like you love to look at and play with.

Needless to say, more news later, but starting to talk about it now is exciting for me.


5 Comments on “Brick and Mortar”

  1. This is very exciting news! I see a road trip in my future.

  2. tbuser says:

    Doing something like this has been a daydream of mine for years. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Thanks for the support. My general approach will be, create a store that I would like to go to myself. I’m sure there are a few people like me who will enjoy it.

      I also think the 3D printing world is just reaching the tipping point where more basic consumer knowledge is needed, and having a physical place where people can go to check things out will be useful in general.

  3. EFFALO says:

    great news! really excited to see what you come up with!

  4. dthorpe says:

    You forgot one detail: Where? What’s the address of the physical store, and what’s the URL for the online store?

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